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As a lawyer I am experienced in working with individuals while dealing with legal matters that seem overwhelmingly complex and my understanding of the law allows me to advocate for clients to ensure that they are treated fairly during the legal process. 



  • Contract Lawyer

  • Federal Contractor for the last 15 years

  • Business Owner for the last 25 years

  • Philanthropist

  • Rotarian

  • Highly focused and results-oriented with deadline-driven objectives

Prior to moving to Clark County, Patsy was the Restaurateur of California’s most famous Soul Food restaurant chain, M&M Soul Food where she owned and operated eight locations throughout Southern California. In 2002, Patsy opened her international product development firm where she took American products to China, mass produced the products, and imported the products back to the states for distribution. Her most well-known Nevadan client and mentor was Don Bardon, owner of the Fitzgerald Hotel & Casino which is now the D Hotel and Casino. 

In 2007, in preparation of the looming recession she began her career as a Federal Contractor, successfully winning federal and state bid submissions. Patsy has been acknowledged as being the most successful minority USPS Contract Delivery Service (CDS) provider on the west coast in USPS history to date. 


In 2012, Patsy became the Administrative Manager at The Law Office of Ellison & Associates and worked at the firm until her move to Las Vegas in 2015. Since leaving the firm, she has worked as the in-house lawyer for her family's international and stateside businesses, manages her federal contracts, and consults with clients regarding international production or on obtaining various types of government contracts. 


  • Development and maintenance of administrative processes that reduce redundancy, improve accuracy and efficiency to achieve organizational initiatives 

  • Interpreting regulations, rules, and laws for individuals and business entities

  • Evaluating findings while developing strategies and arguments in preparation for court appearances

  • Consistently improved profitability of gross revenues annually and capturing double digit profit margins of 10%-15% to achieve revenue objectives

  • Preparing and drafting legal documentation for clients, vendors, and employees

  • Conferring with colleagues regarding legal issues that may fall outside the standard legal scope of work

  • Management and supervisory responsibilities of 600+ employees

  • Development and handling of departmental budgets internationally and stateside

  • Departmental liaison with federal and state agencies, organizations and private professionals

  • Negotiating settlement agreements of civil disputes

  • Able to communicate clearly and concisely with people of diverse backgrounds and levels of authority

  • Highly skilled in identifying and resolving issues in early stages

Let’s Work Together

PO Box 34572 

Las Vegas, NV 89133 USA

Tel: (702) 751-7448

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