Patsy Brown

Public Administrator

A Political Figure

Patsy Brown, JD, is and has always been, a go-getter.  A wife, mother, community advocate, and business owner, she represents the 5th generation of her family’s entrepreneurial dedication to public service. Brown has been a Las Vegas Magic Show Exhibitor semi-annually since 2003 and it was then when she began her love affair with Clark County, before permanently relocating her family and company to Summerlin in 2015.

" I LOVE where I live, and I worked very hard to be here. I feel that for some reason the sun just seems to shine just a little brighter over Summerlin, it truly is a piece of heaven on earth, and I would be honored to represent my community"

Prior to pursuing a career in politics, Brown was a Restaurateur in Southern California for over 25 years, operated an international product development firm, and was the Administrative Manager at The Law Office of Ellison & Associates all while employing over 600 people worldwide. 

“My standards are very high, and I will continue to fight for change until Our vision as a community has been reached”

Patsy Brown has a history of excellence and holds the public interest very close to heart. Please explore the site to find out more about Patsy Brown and her vision for change.